To see a violence, abuse and marginalization free Ethiopian society where all women, children, and youth enjoy their rights



Empowering women, children, and youth, as well as their institutions and Creating an enabling environment to address their issues through support, rehabilitation, promotion of rights, and capacity-building initiatives



Strategic orientation,Commitment,Collective action and solidarity, Participation, Gender and diversity,Good governance, Non-discrimination, Professionalism, Respect

About us


Organization for the Development of Women and Children (ODWaCE) the former Ye Ethiopia Goji Limadawi Dirgitoch Aswogaj Mahiber (EGLDAM), is an indigenous not-for-profit, non-governmental organization established in 1987 as a National Committee on Traditional Practices of Ethiopia (NCTPE) and registered as a charity in 1993. In 2008 the Organization changed its title from NCTPE to Ye Ethiopia Goji LImadawi Dirgitoch Aswogaj Mahiber (EGLDAM). In line with Charities and Societies Agency’s law, the organization registered for the third time as Organization for the Development of Women and Children-Ethiopia In 2013 through changing its title from EGLDAM to ODWaCE. Initially, it was established in as a National Committee on Traditional Practices of Ethiopia (NCTPE) under the leadership of Ministry of Health (MOH). It was primarily composed of representatives of government line ministries,…

ODWaCE create strategic plan that could serve for the period of five years (2022-2027). In this period, we will embark on different prevention, protection and promotional activities that could empower right holders to claim their rights and the duty bearers to be responsive. .


ODWaCE, being a pioneering NGO in the areas of addressing HTPs, has built good reputations through promoting the rights of children and the provision of quality services for disadvantaged children victims of CM & FGM. Some of the key performance and results of the Organization during the 2011-2020 strategic plan period are summarized. In our revised startegic plan, we will try to reach children victims and potentially at risks of HTP (CM & FGM), trafficking and unsafe migration, child labour, children from minority community and children in the context of internal displacement; women women in the context of extreme poverty, street women with children, women in the context of internal displacement from minority groups and youth victims & potentially at risks of trafficking and unsafe migration and in the context of unemployment.


Rescued Childrens
Women Empowerment
Goverment Capacity Building

The value of life is not in its duration, but in its donation. You are not important because of how long you live, you are important because of how effective you live.


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Project Management Cycle (PCM)

PCM capacity building provide to the alliances members (DEC, TAYA and EWDENA), board members, government bureau and young people and total 18 participants engaged in the training. The purpose of the training was to enhance the capacity of the participants to managed different projects workwise thus it filled the gaps of the participant. The trainee different educational and working background…

Project Monitoring, Evaluation, Learning and Accountability (PMEAL)

Participants were 15 participated in the three full days training. The training participants were from DEC, TAYA, EWDENA and ODWaCE board members. The training covered to understand the basic concepts of MEAL, Contextualize the basic elements of MEAL into their own projects/programs and understand and practice of MEAL tools. There was practical session that engaged the trainee having practical learning.

Capacity Building on Organizational Strategic Plan

The two days capacity building training on strategic plan intended to input knowledge on the development of strategic plan. The board and staffs of ODWaCE participated in the training that we are able to develop with the support of DR Worku who is the trainer as well as the consultant who developed the strategic plan of ODWaCE from 2021-2025. The…



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